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Our Mission

The Naturopathic Orthopedic Medicine Academy (NOMA) is dedicated to excellence within the clinical practice of interventional orthopedic medicine for the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal pain, injury, and dysfunction. The NOMA integrates many disciplines and perspectives in accordance with the principles of naturopathic medicine.


Our Vision

  • NOMA is the leader in developing Orthopedic Medicine education and practice within the naturopathic profession; including residencies, diplomate status, and continuing education consistent with the evolving standards of Orthopedic Medicine.

  • NOMA continuously integrates the clinical practice and research that comprise the growing field of Orthopedic Medicine.

  • NOMA prioritizes inclusivity and we strongly encourage and welcome doctors from all backgrounds, identities, and walks of life to join our effort and become a part of our leadership. 

  • NOMA adheres to ethical standards of conduct regarding the use of orthobiologic therapies and its members are dedicated to providing safe and effective interventional orthopedic care.


  • NOMA provides a definitive resource of information regarding Orthopedic Medicine for a collaborative community of naturopathic physicians, students and healthcare providers.

  • NOMA defines the principles of care and advocates for appropriate scope of practice as it relates to Orthopedic Medicine.

Our Corporate Partners

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